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The Architectural Related Services We Provide

The Services We Provide
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  • Architectural Services.     
  • We can provide full sets of working drawings for your new house or extension including all of the details and specifications for Building Control; we can also submit the drawings for Planning and Building regulations approval, this will ensure the smooth progression from the planning stage to construction.

This is a service that we have been providing for our clients for many years.


  • Structural Design     
  • If you are unlucky to come across bad ground when excavating for your project , we can provide  Calculations  for  steelwork  and   raft foundations including piling and ring beam calculations and design at very competitive costs. 


       Why not let the professionals take the hassle out of your building project



Project Management and Planning consultants.    

Building your extension and choosing the right builder can be a daunting prospect, there are many pitfalls, some of which you may not even have thought of.  If you decide that you need a Construction Professional to manage your building project we can provide Project Management for your building works and ensure that the works are kept to time constraints and within budget.  

Building Consultants and Planning Consultants work together to complete the construction project. The Planning and Development of a construction project along with the Environmental Evaluation are handled by Planning Consultants. Besides consulting with the Local Authority and other professionals, Building Consultants can also manage the project. 

Planning consultants are responsible for obtaining sanctions and approvals, determining the influence of the project on the environment, examining the viability of the project and providing a basis for further development and design.

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