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Higham Construction Services Building Surveyors covering Merseyside and Beyond

What We Do 

  • Building Surveys  
  • Structural Reports                          
  • Party Wall Matters
  • Schedules of Condition and Dilapidations
  • Scott Schedules 
  • Civil Procedures Rules
  • Listed Building Works Supervision
  • Project Management
  • Structural Calculations 
  • Building Inspections


Architectural Design and Planning Approval.

If your thinking of building an extension to your property or even building your own house you will need a set of plans, good architectural drawings are essential, they enable you to see the finished product in paper form before putting a shovel in the ground.  

The plans also allow you to make changes and add your own ideas and designs, it also gives you time to see other house designs and visit properties to get a variety of ideas that you may want to use.

Whatever your project might be and however big or small (House Plans, Extensions or Renovation drawings) we can provide the Full Architectural and Surveying service including:

  •       Design Service
  •       Architectural Drawings
  •       Site visits and Estimating the Cost of the Works
  •       Structural calculations
  •       Submissions for Building Regulations
  •       Submissions for Planning Permission
  •       Full Schedules of Work For Your Building Project


What We Do Not Charge For.

  •       Initial site survey and pre submission.
  •       Our first consultation.
  •       Access and design statements.
  •       Plan amendments.
  •       Quotations for our services.
  •       Large format printing.
  •       PDF Copies of the submitted plans.
  •       Pre planning enquiry.

Our plans are produced on a Computer Aided Design Program and as the amendments are so quick and straight forward, we do not charge for any alterations to your drawings.

These computer generated plans (which when printed out look just like they used to in times gone by)  can be printed  out in any scale and can be sent to you in PDF format so that you can look at them on your computer.

The time saved on producing these drawings is directly passed onto you as a cost saving in the price of the drawing. 

We are registered on the Government Planning Portal as a professional user.

What we offer is a bespoke service specifically tailored to your individual requirements.

As we are professionals, we have Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance which takes into account workload and changing environmental conditions.

We only charge for the time taken to do the work and not on a percentage of the project cost.                                                                                                         

Let us help you find your way through the Planning and Building Regulations process - we pride ourselves in providing a Full Planning and Design service from your first phone call to us to your receipt of full planning approval letter from the Local Authority.

We are able to offer on request a fixed price Full Building Regulation Package, which includes Building Regulation Plans, Structural Design and Calculations; this includes all Building Regulation Fees.

We embrace the technology to be able to provide a responsive and efficient service at a cost, which we believe to be the most competitive you will find.

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